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Wings of Fire: The New World is a community-driven Minecraft: Java Edition dedicated server that aims to create the world of Wings of Fire in a large-scale, player-interactive experience.

The server began in March 2016 by ebelle. It started as a small whitelisted community branching off of the Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki. The map, currently in its fourth iteration, is custom-made to recreate Pyrrhia and Pantala from Wings of Fire. The server's story is set thousands of years following the canon events of the book series and boasts a unique cast of characters and an extensive new world full of lore to explore! Wings of Fire: The New World is currently the largest and most complete 3D recreation of Pyrrhia and Pantala from Wings of Fire.

We've come a long way from a small server to a flourishing, ever-growing community. Our staff team has continued to cultivate the server in hopes of allowing future generations of young readers to partake in a fun, safe server that they can enjoy. All staff on the server are volunteers and are very passionate about keeping both the Discord and Minecraft communities safe.

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